• Always Perfect!Perfect!

    We satisfy the customer and ourselves, Accurate and perfect is an absolute value in our work. We try wherever possible to establish a direct relationship with companies who work items before and after us so that we can eliminate the problems related to lack of communication, as much depends on how the individual items are processed in the foundry or steel structures that we prior to processing.Preciso e perfetto è un valore assoluto nel nostro lavoro.
  • Precision!Precision

    Barone is precision and experience in the treatment of metal surfaces, the ability of the craftsman who uses technological innovation coming to be excellence in collaboration with companies and leaders in meeting the private restorer.Per Privati per restauro parti in metallo auto e moto d'epoca.
  • Metal Refinishing

    Work performed for third parties with a specific request to remove any burrs left from the mold foundry proceeding with the preliminary analyzes to these steps:
    Reception→ Deburring→ taping →spuntigliatura →polishing→drying→deliveryWe perform all types of metal surfaces treatment Metalli.
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Chrome plating for the restoration of vintage elements

The chrome plating is the process necessary to coat the metal with a thin layer of chrome to protect it from rust and shadowing, make it shiny and bright with an effect so-called "mirror". If you want to protect or revive an artifact of metal, whatever it is, the chrome is all you need, often used in cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and vintage boats.
Metal cleaning Barone is able to be plated and treated for the restoration or design, large or small, each piece is plated and treated with all the care and dedication that can only be found when a job is done by craftsmen experts equipped with the latest technologies, which often leads to more effective and lasting treatments original! Read More


We understand, we act

We listen and understand architects, design and engineering studios requirements, we perform treatments of metal surfaces for any specific, from a single piece in industrial quantities.

We are equipped with mobile workshop for action on site.

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operatore-robot-lavorazione-metalli Flexible Processing: high capacity for diversification in processing..+


Con Metal Barone

robot-pulitura-metalli-sbavatura perfect refinishing: our Goal.+


Robot processing

pulitura-metalli-barone-ascolta-capisce-agisce Understanding and coordinating with the clients to achieve the goals.+

We listen youWe Listen

achieve the goals


Skilled craftsmen: a valuable asset 

as we well know, artisans from 3 generations can meet the most difficult but also the most curious .. We pour our experience in the recovery of the metal parts of cars and motorcycles, boats and watercraft, but also bike and work tools, we specialize in full refurbishment of flywheel slicers.





We have robotized plants to meet the broader market demands. Our robots working in jobs of series and are programmed by operators within the company so you can be ready to act immediately on any type of change or variation. Cleaning Metals Baron has as many as 6 and then double head machines with 12 different workstations can secure any type of manual processing. The company has invested not only on the robot and automation technology but also in the manual machines that allow the operator to carry out precision work even on very large or heavy items, we are equipped to work directly in the company by the customer if need be. Each treatment performed following precise instructions refined with time and experience even on our robot systems.

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